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Berkshire Bruins Mission Statement

     The mission of the Berkshire Bruins Youth Hockey Organization is to provide ia safe environment in which hockey players of all ages can develop.  Through disciplined practice and healthy competition, we not only aim to encourage the physical development and skill acquisition necessary for the game of hockey, but also the dedication to team,  motivation for improvement, and respect for others necessary to the game of life.  We offer this program to all boys and girls who want to play as a way to be healthy, be proud, and create winning relationships on and off of the ice.

2018/2019 Evaluations | Reminder!

Dear Berkshire Bruins Families,

We hope this letter finds our hockey families relaxed and rejuvenated after some nice weather and family time this summer. This is a follow up to last spring’s message reminding everyone of our plans for fall evaluations and the expansion of House League to include the Pee-Wee level. We also plan to formalize this league further through bench coaches, a set scheduled of matchups, and standings. This part of our program has been sorely missed and is another essential component of USA Hockey’s Athlete Development Model (ADM). Hockey is not an early specialization sport and our program must offer a long-term developmental pathway that allows all of our players to feel challenged and successful at the same time based on their current ability.

Our head coaches received incredibly thoughtful and insightful evaluations from a number of impartial observers from our hockey community during our sessions last spring. For most of our players, this was their first “tryout” experience, the evaluators, along with head coaches, all expressed how impressed and proud they were of the attention, effort, and skill displayed by our Bruins players. This fall all coaches will again work collaboratively with these evaluators to assess each player on a number of variables including:

Individual Skills – skating, passing, shooting, puck control.

Team Skills – offensive ability, defensive ability, team play

Mental Qualities – hockey sense, reading and reacting, concentration

Physical Qualities – strength, endurance, balance, agility, quickness

Individual Characteristics – self-control, coachability, patience, desire, attitude.

As a reminder, all Squirt and Pee-Wee players will be placed on one of three rosters following the second round of evaluations held this fall. The most competitive level team will be named Berkshire Bruins Gold, the next level will be Berkshire Bruins Black, and some players will be invited to participate in House League only. All Squirt and Pee-Wee players will participate in one station-based practice per week and one House League game per week. Players selected for Berkshire Bruins Gold or Berkshire Bruins Black teams will have one additional team-based practice and weekend games. Tuition and fees will be tiered with travel players paying significantly more than House League players.

To repeat our message from the spring, conducting evaluations is a major step for our organization. It is critically important that we, the adults, approach this in a mature and responsible way. We urge you all to read the work of Carol Dweck on growth mindset and how important it is to teach our kids to look at “failure” or setbacks as temporary conditions, not life sentences. These can be the experiences that allow them to develop the characteristics of grit or resiliency that are so vital to their future successes. 


Next week starts the 2018/2019 Evaluations:

  1. Players should attend both sessions if possible.  The schedule is as follows:
  • SQUIRTS (eligible DOB 2008-2009):
    • Tuesday 10/16, 6:00pm – 6:50pm
    • Thursday 10/18, 6:00pm – 6:50pm
  • PEEWEE (eligible DOB 2006-2007):
    • Tuesday 10/16, 7:00pm – 7:50pm
    • Thursday 10/18, 7:00pm – 7:50pm


  1. All returning players need to bring their GAME jersey with their name on it.  If you have black and yellow jerseys, bring BOTH
    • Please be advised you may receive a different jersey when you arrive


  1. Register ONLINE PRIOR to coming to assessment.  Please go to www.berkshirebruins.com, click on Register Now and select appropriate division.  Please remember, ALL 2018/2019 Registrations are DUE by 10/15


  1. Please be ready and ON-TIME.  Allow ample time to get dressed and sign-in, etc…   


Thank you and good luck to all players!


Berkshire Bruins Youth Hockey Organization

by posted 10/08/2018
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